Using nD technology to develop an integrated construction management system for city rail transit construction

Publication year: 2011
Source: Automation in Construction, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 14 June 2011

L.Y., Ding , Y., Zhou , H.B., Luo , X.G., Wu

With the increasing demand of rail transit construction, coupled with its complexity and appearance of new technologies, an integrated system is needed to provide the stakeholders a convenient way to exchange information effectively and efficiently. This paper, from the angle of information, proposes using multi-dimensional (nD) modeling technology to develop an integrated system for participants and decision-making support for project owners in construction period. In this research, nD system is realized by corresponding 3D models to visual working units which have a direct relationship with Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and other construction code structures so that the system can integrate…

 Research highlights: ► n-Dimensional (nD) modeling technology is proposed to develop an integrated system in construction period. ► nD system is realized by connecting 3D models with visual working units which are related to construction code structures. ► Different information can be integrated within 3D models in nD system. ► Users can access the status of the construction via 3D models.