Sound EditorialSync-Sync, Chop-Chop

Publication year: 2012
Source: Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound, 2012, Pages 291-331

David Lewis, Yewdall

 Summary: All through a film’s evolution, sound endures uneven recordings, mismatching formats, missed opportunities, temp voices, temp music, and temp sound effects. It suffers clipped lines, radio interference, line static, digital zits, dramatic level shifts, noisy backgrounds, fluorescent ballast, power hums, and just about every other insult and shortcoming a sound engineer can imagine. A project experiences noncommunication, miscommunication, misinformation, improperly entered data in the code book, improperly transferred material, lack of notations in the production sound report, let alone physical misplacement or total loss of materials. Sound editorial must gather the various broken pieces of the production sound process and…