Role of catalyst support over PdO-NiO catalysts on catalyst activity and stability for oxy-CO2 reforming of methane

Publication year: 2011
Source: Applied Catalysis A: General, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 13 June 2011

U., Oemar , K., Hidajat , S., Kawi

PdO-NiO catalysts over several commercial metal oxides were synthesized using incipient wet impregnation method. The activities of PdO-NiO catalysts for syngas production via oxy-CO2 reforming of methane were investigated at temperatures ranging from 500°C to 800°C in a fixed-bed continuous-flow reactor. The PdO-NiO/Y2O3 and PdO-NiO/Al2O3 catalysts show very high CH4 and CO2 conversions due to the formation of metal-support compound on these catalysts. On the PdO-NiO/Y2O3 catalyst, Pd interacts with Y2O3 support to form PdxOyYz compound while Ni interacts with Al2O3 support to form NiAl2O4 spinel compound on the PdO-NiO/Al2O3 catalyst. However, the amount of deposited carbon on the spent…

 Highlights: ► Effect of catalyst supports over PdO-NiO catalysts for oxy-CO2 reforming of methane ► PdO-NiO/Y2O3 shows formation of metal-support compound ► Formation of metal-support compound results in small metal size ► Small metal size of PdO-NiO/Y2O3 catalysts is required for high catalytic activity ► Surface β-oxygen species on PdO-NiO/Y2O3 catalyst can promote cracking of C-H bond in CH4 to CO and H2.