Improvement of the electrical energy quality using a Shunt Active Filter supplied by a photovoltaic generator

Publication year: 2011
Source: Energy Procedia, Volume 6, 2011, Pages 522-530

R., Belaidi , A., Haddouche , M., Fathi , M. Mghezzi, Larafi , A., Chikouche

For several years, during the exploitation of the conventional electrical network, the problem of the quality of the electrical energy provided to the users has arisen. This is due to the increasing presence on the network of nonlinear loads; they constitute a harmonic pollution source of to the network, which generate many disturbances, and disturb the optimal operation of electrical equipments. In this work, we propose a solution to eliminate the current harmonics introduced by the nonlinear loads, thanks to a Shunt Active Filter supplied by a photovoltaic generator, for the compensation at the same time of the harmonics currents…