Hybrid Options Analysis for Power Systems for Rural Electrification in Algeria

Publication year: 2011
Source: Energy Procedia, Volume 6, 2011, Pages 750-758

D., Saheb-Koussa , M., Koussa , M., Haddadi , M., Belhamel

Adrar, Djelfa, Illizi and Djanet, are the most rural zones in Algeria where grid connected electric system for the inhabitants will not be possible to establish even in future. Diesel is the main fuel for fulfilling the energy demand. Solar and Wind resources are the hybrid options for these four sites. HOMER, a software for optimization of renewable based energy efficient system for different numbers of households- 1, 20. It shows that per unit (kWh) cost of energy varies from 1.49, 2.46, 1.84 and 4.1 USD to 1.19, 2.16, 1.33, and 1.52 USD respectively for: Adrar, Djelfa, Illizi and Djanet…..