Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Service Valuation Database (GecoServ): Gathering ecosystem services valuation studies to promote their inclusion in the decision-making process

Publication year: 2011
Source: Marine Policy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 14 June 2011

Carlota, Plantier-Santos , Cristina, Carollo , David W., Yoskowitz

The main goals of the Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Service Valuation Database (GecoServ), an inventory of ecosystem services (ES) valuation studies applicable to the Gulf of Mexico, are to allow for the distribution and sharing of information about said studies and to identify current gaps in the ES valuation literature.The utility of GecoServ ( lies in that it fills a void left by non-ES specific environmental databases, highlights the lack of studies for some ecosystems and associated services, and provides background information for future ES valuation studies.GecoServ functions as a uniquely centralized source of information for both researchers and natural…

 Highlights: ► GecoServ is a unique database providing monetary values for ecosystem services. ► GecoServ promotes the distribution of ecosystem services valuation studies. ► GecoServ allows identifying gaps in the ecosystem services valuation literature. ► GecoServ is available online and can be queried through a user-friendly interface. ► GecoServ can help managers include ecosystem services in the decision-making process.