Development and validation of a heuristic model for evaluation of the team performance of operators in nuclear power plants

Publication year: 2011
Source: Annals of Nuclear Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 12 June 2011

Sa Kil, Kim , Seong Nam, Byun , Dhong Hoon, Lee

The global concerns about safety in the digital technology of the main control room (MCR) are growing as domestic and foreign nuclear power plants are developed with computerized control facilities and human–system interfaces. In a narrow space, the digital technology contributes to a control room environment, which can facilitate the acquisition of all the information needed for operation. Thus, although an individual performance of the advanced MCR can be further improved; there is a limit in expecting an improvement in team performance. The team performance depends on organic coherence as a whole team rather than on the knowledge and skill…

 Highlights: ► We develop an estimation model for evaluation of the team performance of MCR. ► To build the model, we extract team performance factors through reviewing literatures and identifying behavior markers. ► We validate that the model is adaptable to the advanced MCR of nuclear power plants. ► As a result, we find that the model is a systematic and objective to measure team performance.