Combinatorial design of a minimum cost transfer line

Publication year: 2012
Source: Omega, Volume 40, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 31-41

Xavier, Delorme , Alexandre, Dolgui , Mikhail Y., Kovalyov

The problem of equipment selection for a production line is considered. Each piece of equipment, also called unit or block, performs a set of operations. All necessary operations of the line and all available blocks with their costs are known. The difficulty is to choose the most appropriate blocks and group them into (work)stations. There are some constraints that restrict the assignment of different blocks to the same station. Two combinatorial approaches for solving this problem are suggested. Both are based on a novel concept of locally feasible stations. The first approach combinatorially enumerates all feasible solutions, and the second…

 Highlights: ► We study an equipment selection problem for transfer and assembly lines. ► The concept of locally feasible stations and idea of their enumerations are proposed. ► A proof that the enumeration of all feasible stations is polynomial is given. ► Maximum weight clique and set packing are used to select and order feasible stations. ► Tests and ideas on possible extensions to other line design problems are provided.