Analytical model based on green criteria for optical backbone network interconnection

Publication year: 2011
Source: Computer Standards & Interfaces, Volume 33, Issue 6, November 2011, Pages 574-586

Jose, Gutierrez , Tahir, Riaz , Jens M., Pedersen , Ahmed, Patel , Ole B., Madsen

Key terms such as Global warming, Green House Gas emissions, or Energy efficiency are currently on the scope of scientific research. Regarding telecommunications networks, wireless applications, routing protocols, etc. are being designed following this new “Green” trend. This work contributes to the evaluation of the environmental impact of networks from physical interconnection point of view. Networks deployment, usage, and disposal are analyzed as contributing elements to ICT’s (Information and Communications Technology) CO2 emissions. This paper presents an analytical model for evaluating and quantifying the CO2 emissions of optical backbone networks during their lifetime. The main goal of this work is…

 Research highlights: ►We study the environmental contribution of optical backbone networks ►We present an analytical model to quantify and evaluate their lifetime emissions ►This model can add an environmental point of view to optical networks deployment ►We present two case studies to illustrate the ideas ►We discuss the future applications regarding international norms and processes.