Analytical comparison between electricity consumption and behavioral characteristics of Swedish households in rented apartments

Publication year: 2011
Source: Applied Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 12 June 2011

Iana, Vassileva , Fredrik, Wallin , Erik, Dahlquist

Sufficient data of electricity consumption during large periods of time are accumulated and analyzed in order to develop appropriate electricity-saving measures. An important first step is to analyze and identify buildings/households that have an energy saving potential. In this work an evaluation of monthly electricity consumption data was conducted in identical buildings in the city of Västerås in Sweden. Different behavioral consumption profiles have been analyzed using information from two sources: technical data of electricity consumption and behavioral parameters for each household obtained from a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was formed by three groups of questions which concerned residents’ characteristics,…

 Highlights: ► We analyzed electricity consumption and behavior of households with identical characteristics. ► Households’ electricity consumption is registered and shown by in-home-displays. ► Consumption depends mainly on individual consumers’ characteristics. ► Income is the main factor influencing electricity consumption. ► Personalized monitoring needed for efficient energy usage and feedback.