An evaluation study of the use of a cognitive tool in a one-to-one classroom for promoting classroom-based dialogic interaction

Publication year: 2011
Source: Computers & Education, Volume 57, Issue 3, November 2011, Pages 1851-1864

Siu Cheung, Kong

An evaluation study was conducted to investigate the effect of the use of a computer-supported cognitive tool (CT) in the one-to-one classroom setting on student engagement, attainment and perceptions in learning common fractions. Two Primary 4 classes with 68 students participated in this study based on 11 teaching sessions lasting 455 min in total. The students in the experimental group learned the target topic with the use of CT in a one-to-one classroom, while the students in the control group learned the target topic under the traditional teaching approach. The results of a time allocation analysis showed that the use of…

 Highlights: ► This study aimed at promoting mathematics learning through understanding. ► A learning environment was created to enhance student engagement in learning. ► A computer-supported cognitive tool was used in the one-to-one classroom setting. ► Impact of the learning environment was evaluated in the real classroom setting. ► This study laid a foundation for promoting classroom-based dialogic interaction.