A hierarchical algorithm for the planar single-facility location routing problem

Publication year: 2012
Source: Computers & Operations Research, Volume 39, Issue 2, February 2012, Pages 461-470

S.M.H., Manzour-al-Ajdad , S.A., Torabi , S., Salhi

Location routing problem (LRP) is an important logistical problem that comprises two of the main logistical drivers namely facility location and vehicle routing. In this paper, we focus on the planar single-facility LRP with Euclidean distance where the location of the facility can be anywhere in the space and not restricted to a given set of potential sites only as in the discrete case. A hierarchical heuristic-based method is put forward which continuously takes into account the information from the routing results while systematically improving the location using the end-points of the obtained routes. In addition, some enhancement schemes that…

 Highlights: ► Proposing an efficient and novel hierarchical heuristic method to tackle the Planar Single Facility Location Routing Problem (PSFLRP) with Euclidean distances. ► Incorporating some enhancement schemes including a set of local searches as well as diversification and intensification mechanisms into the search. ► Testing the proposed method against the existing ones on the comprehensive data sets taken from the literature indicating that our method outperforms the existing ones while requiring a small amount of computational effort.