A heuristic approach for allocation of data to RFID tags: A data allocation knapsack problem (DAKP)

Publication year: 2012
Source: Computers & Operations Research, Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 93-104

Lauren, Davis , Funda, Samanlioglu , Xiaochun, Jiang , Daniel, Mota , Paul, Stanfield

Durable products and their components are increasingly being equipped with one of several forms of automatic identification technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID). This technology enables data collection, storage, and transmission of product information throughout its life cycle. Ideally all available relevant information could be stored on RFID tags with new information being added to the tags as it becomes available. However, because of the finite memory capacity of RFID tags along with the magnitude of potential lifecycle data, users need to be more selective in data allocation. In this research, the data allocation problem is modeled as a…